The Growth and Evolution of Intelligent Automation



Our latest Intelligent Automation report brings together recent trends and insights gathered from several events that we attended or hosted in Washington D.C. and New York throughout 2018 comprised of over 100 industry professionals and experts  across multiple industries.

  • Key Trends and Takeaways - the top 4 areas you need to keep your eye on if you are considering automation
  • The Current State of Automation - learn how other firms are approaching it, how satisfied they are and what lessons they are learning
  • An Execution Framework - while every organization may differ, this framework will help provide structure to your automation project
  • Case Study - How a Fortune 500 company's accounting function benefited from implementing RPA to help with their repetitive processes
  • What's Ahead - How automation is teaming up with artificial intelligence and data analytics to provide even greater process improvement

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